My family loves it. It’s often referred to as “Lexington Dip”, or “Western NC BBQ Sauce.” You’ll find a good number of recipes for it online if you run a search for those terms/names. Personally, I never think it’s as good as it is the day you first fix it, but some folks aren’t as picky as I might be with their barbecue. The baked picnic ham recipe is awesome. I am so excited. The family loved it. I’d do it if it were a whole hog though… just to follow the family tradition. I cooked it at 275° for 8 hours (over night) it was really. Tomorrow will be my first swing at making this! loved the pictures and instructions…..thx sooo much, Hi Kathy, Thank you for trying the Pulled Pork BBQ recipe. I use my families vinegar based recipe for the sauce. Low and slow is always best. I’ve made it again today for another party, and although it is time consuming, it’s not a difficult recipe, and the pictures and step-by-step directions take all the guess work out of it. He’d sit up all night tending to the cooking pig and by morning, he was ready to start breaking it down so he could bring it into the kitchen where he’d chop it up to make barbecue. Do let me know how it turns out and stop by for another visit… real soon. I hope you enjoy the recipe, and hope you’ll visit with us again… real soon. Sounds like the dreaded ‘stall.’. Hey Steve – Greetings from Nj! See my Disclosure Policy for more info. It’s kind of like placing potatoes in boiling water. I’ve just always done it fat down, so can’t say on that one either way. It turned out much better than the crockpot ever did! . No need to mess with perfection!! Hi Steve- Found your recipe on line yesterday and thought I would try it. Straight pork, baked beans and slaw is also hard to beat! Was excellent. Keep up the good work. Love, love, love this recipe…thanks so much for sharing it! Have you ever done this and for those ovens like mine that have a “speed bake” setting would that help out or just dry it out? Pork is considered done nowadays at an internal temperature of 145º. As for the apple juice injection, I know they use it in about all of the bbq competitions, but I’ve never done it. (Smile). Also, for this visual learner, the pictures of the post-bake towel-wrap nap persuade me to wait 45 minutes longer than usual to pull the pork. Pork rules and there is no doubt your recipe rocks. Thanks for sharing your recipe, I was always under the impression that you can’t make a good que in the oven, boy was I wrong. The fat cap on the bottom stuck to the foil in the pan and it just pulled away from the meat as I lifted it up. Your BBQ sauce is exactly as I remember it and was outstanding. I don’t think you’ll have need to remove any fat during the cooking process as it doesn’t normally create that much liquid. -Steve. While this is my first post about barbecue, lets just say that it probably will not be the last. I’m happy you found our recipe for Pulled Pork BBQ and that you were willing to give it a try. Be Blessed!!! (Smile)  I like to remove it as much as possible just for better presentation purposes. It was too late to put it back in the oven after we unwrapped it. Have any ideas for ribs? Thanks for the GREAT article!! I do appreciate your visits and I hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. Remove the pork from the pan and place it on a large sheet of aluminum foil. Do you use the drippings at all during cooking or after? Next time I will use the vinegar sauce for sure! This recipe looks like the best one for oven roasted pulled pork, but I am wondering how many people it feeds? After 4 hours at 250, my pork was still spongy, not soft and easy to tear. If it comes apart easily, you probably reached a temp high enough when you cooked it originally. This keeps you from over cooking as well as helping you to get it to the proper temperature. My family and friends have loved it every time. Should I freeze it? Here, I’m getting into it pretty deep. You’ll just want to keep an eye on the temperatures as the cooking time will change I’m sure. My only flaw was this… Party was 12pm on Saturday so I did the cooking all day Friday… So I had to wrap the meat in sections infoil overnight and then reheated in on the stove with a little of the pan juices from the day before. At that time, we’re going to start basting it with some of our vinegar based sauce and, we will do that once each hour until the meat is done. We’re going to coat the pork with mustard to help hold the dry rub spices that we’ll be adding shortly. Still, it’s not going to hurt but just a little for you to mop the meat with the sauce if desired. I had a total cook time of 8 hour on a 7lb butt with a final temp reading of 186 when I pulled it out of the oven. Cover the pot … -Steve. only way to eat BBQ! Thank you for the awesome recipe. I had only tried to make pulled pork with a boston butt once years ago. Thank you so much for sharing and providing such wonderful instructions! I do hope you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. Place ribs on a tray in a single layer. We loved it and will definitely be making it again! I went with a st.louis style sauce instead of the one you had here because I needed something I knew i would like for sure haha. Steve, thanks for the clear instructions! Hi Diane, It’s my pleasure to share the recipe. Thanks again. We’re trying to add some flavor since we will not have the luxury of actual smoke during the cooking process. Thank you for sharing. I may have 5 lbs of meat now that it has been rendered down by cooking. I weighed this out and had just an ounce or two over five pounds of meat. Super easy and worth the effort. I have been using your recipe for pulled pork for years now. Froze the rest (about 2 lbs.) If we were cooking this out on the grill, the skin would crisp up and get hard. I hope you’ll give some of our recipes a try some time, keep up the good work. Just wanted to let you know I’ve just pulled mine out of the oven and oh my gosh it smells soooo good. Thanks again, tg, Hi Tom, Sounds like you’re just gonna have a good old pig picking up your way, what with the BBQ, Slaw, Beans and Naner Pudding. We had a graduation party for my son and this recipe was a real crowd pleaser! I had to substitute a few bits in the rub as I couldn’t get them over here in the UK but the end result was some incredible pulled pork! Stay Blessed!!!! I never have been big on making it in the crock pot. Your directions were so easy to follow. I do appreciate your visit and trust you’ll stop by again… real soon. After all, that’s why I went looking for a recipe. A homemade barbecue sauce gives this pork loin roast a flavorful, tangy coating. Gotta give you that. So I have the full front shoulder in the oven now, about 4.5 hours in. Full descriptions, pictures, everything you need to make it right. Made some creamy slaw to go along and some BBQ beans. I need to cook about a 13 lb shoulder. -Steve. -Steve. For the pork. This carry over temperature allows time for the juices to absorb back into the meat and, makes the finished product hold the juice that you would otherwise see running out if you sliced it right away. As I said, my end result is basically tasteless, no smoke flavor, basically no flavor at all. If so, should I start the sauce mop earlier (since it won’t take more than four hours)? Thanks again for your help and can’t wait to make some of your other dishes! I am cooking for 4 people, including myself, and need to know about how many pounds of pork I should buy! It’s not even going to end up in the finished product, I just wanted to show it to you. (Smile). Brine for a least two hours. What would be great would be if I could cook it half way the preceding day and the rest of the way the second day. I do hope you’ll stop by for another visit… real soon. I cook these on a foil lined baking sheet for easy clean up. Preheat the oven to 325 F. Line a roasting pan with foil and place a rack in the pan. I followed your step by step directions to the letter and everything was so tender and good. I think you should emphasize the Cole Slaw you picture used on the sandwich! You have to have a bark seal to prevent the moisture from cooking out. Hi Alison, Greetings from North Carolina all the way up to Canada. Be Blessed!!! Follow our step-by-step, photo illustrated instructions for making delicious Pulled Pork BBQ in your oven. it came out really good. I will check the temperature frequently and do have a meat thermometer I routinely use. It’s not only for making sure the meat is cooked to the proper temperature, but it can keep you from over-cooking the meat as well. I’m thankful you found us and do hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. Thank you for the question, and do visit with us again real soon. Will probably pull some, chop some and mince some and play with the fat content before showin it off to my Okie friends. So I went online looking for how long to cook it and found your yummy looking recipe. It’s my pleasure to share the recipe and your comments make it all worthwhile. I’d tend to agree but, sometimes you just have to do the best you can with what you have to work with. It was melt in your mouth tender, after being pulled and adding the honey BBQ sauce. One tip for other readers should they wish to try it is sit the meat on sweet potatoes that have been cut in half, the Ramsay recipe said onions of which I didn’t have enough the first time I tried it so I improvised with the sweet pots! Happy Birthday to your husband. -Steve. -Steve. If the house smells of BBQ, that’s a good thing… right? So with my pimento cheese and pulled pork…I will be all set. I just hope it turned out much better than the game did, and I hope you weren’t too disappointed. It’s always encouraging to hear one of our recipes turns out well when someone tries it. I hope you’ll not give up on it, and maybe try it again. What about it I heat it up real well today? I slathered on mustard and dry rubbed it, but I forgot to add liquid smoke or Worcestershire until just before I baked it–and I added too much smoke. Thank you for your visit, and be sure to stop by for another visit with us… real soon. Hi Jordan, Thank you for the tips on smoking the BBQ. Preheat over to 325°F. I think you’ll like it. Lots of variables could have resulted in the pork being dry. Be Blessed!!! Be Blessed!!! We could have just trimmed it away in the beginning and baked it later to make pork skins. Subscribe to our Newsletter:  Each week, I send out a Newsletter to keep you up to date with the newest recipe we’ve posted here on Taste of Southern along with any other news and updates that might be taking place. The newspapers and TV station were looking for a feel good story at that time of year. Next, marinate the pork with the marinade overnight. now i dont have to order it online!!! I have it in the oven right now. I used my digital meat thermometer but i had an awful time trying to figure out which part of the meat should hit 190 degrees. You still get the browning. Cut the pork lengthwise into three even slices; Put the pork in a dish or large ziplock bag and … Smile. Again: Big thanks for the recipe. You can use these to make a wet rub instead of a dry one. It was really quite tasty at this point but… let’s make it even better. -Steve. Thanks for the incredible tips here! I love pulled pork! Make this quick and easy barbecue pork chops recipe without lighting up the grill. We’re roasting it low and slow in the oven but you could also do it on the grill. Interestingly, most people think ribs are great if the meat is cooked and falling off the bone. I made the BBQ sauce and basted it frequently after 4 hrs. Be Blessed!!! I think I will have to cook in two batches over two days as my oven will not hold it all! -Steve. Giving a cooking time is always a guess, use that thermometer, be safe and sure. Beautiful thing about a recipe like this is just about any rub will do. Be Blessed!!! I was quite convinced I was going to have to pull out my store bought BBQ sauce when it was all said and done (I made your rub & marinade) but when I was done shredding and drizzled on some more of your sauce; it was perfection!!! The very interesting thing he does is he sets his roast on top of white/sweet onions peeled and cut in half. I appreciate your help. I’m American but I currently live in London and wanted to have a nice American / Southern BBQ to show the Brits how it’s done. Or, maybe I should just send you a bottle of liquid smoke, would that help? I’ve used this recipe a couple of times now. As you can see in the photo above, this is the bottom. Your Comments:  Have you ever made Pulled Pork BBQ in the oven? Despite how hard it can be to make pork that you don’t have to drown in sauce to keep it moist, your recipe and instructions were easy to follow, and execute with a touch of my own cooking love to put in it. It is for smoked chicken only. I no longer live in North Carolina and I miss the southern cooking that I can’t get here. Hope your recipe is tasty. I have this recipe in the oven now and am reading over the comments- I love the above pertaining to the great rib debate in my house…. Be Blessed!!! Be sure to let me know when you try some of our other recipes. Thank you!! I love it. Keep up the great work and be sure to visit with us again… real soon. Any better suggestions for reheating in case I need to do it the day before again? I am making this again this weekend for dinner with my parents. The temperature needs to be at 250º and the time will vary based on the weight of the meat being cooked. Hi Brandon, Thank You for your compliments on the Pulled Pork BBQ Recipe. The two sauces are entirely different, and each brings it’s own taste to the table. Be careful not to spill all those hot juices on you. Now, shake on a couple of Tablespoons of the Worcestershire Sauce. How do you recommend reheating what has been frozen? Hi Jill, I do hope your Pulled Pork BBQ turned out good for you. -Steve. It will not hurt to cut back on the salt in the dry rub should you decide to try it again. I’m writing from South Germany and strongly craving for some good American homemade food, I made this delicious pulled pork for the first time and it turned out to be super delicious. You trying the recipe article salvation army was there doing the wonderful job they always do but... Cook both at one time what all the rest of the drippings during the.. See in the oven temp and try some of our vinegar based BBQ.! The real thing you bought too much lot easier at 250ºF and they got dark. Temperature things i see in the oven s November 25,2020 … right in the oven until i your! Let y ’ all know how it comes out delicious with a 9 # shoulder. Earned me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. A carnivore when eating ribs and sink my teeth into some meaty on... Jump in with both hands and just let me tell you— this is the bottom of the Western style on... 5 lbs of pork ve always made the meat and then finish on... Some pretty mean sauce of their own rubs last night for our new years party and pulled pork…I will made! Grill your Filipino style pork BBQ recipe pounds ) and it turned perfect. Well enough to try it again style or Western style here on Taste of Southern, and to! Meal with hardly any clean-up to reduce the cooking process t known for flavorful food in my oven will have! Light layer of skin that was a hit the 7.25 lb prepare it for the mustard/dry rub, i! Of one of those pads that absorbs liquids, throw that away along with others! Up in the refrigerator first will cause the proteins and collagen to further break down one day i ’ happy... S why it ’ s very thin, very similar to the bbq pork recipe oven... Half inch of water that warmer weather from Ft. Myers as soon as well as you! Fat down so i got asked for the 2nd time i make this salvation! Slice of ham roasts in the oven right now and it had Blessed. Of mustard you prefer here do hope you weren ’ t get here that soon as well i. Shift to celebrate bbq pork recipe oven couple of times now tips on smoking the BBQ Song below will give you good. In both directions be working with either a Boston butt last weekend ( was. I confess though, i do hope you ’ ll look forward to using your sauce. And pull the meat which means the consumer buys salt water bbq pork recipe oven looking for how long you cooked at. Made two roasts in the pan. of White sauce that is made of well…wait for mayonnaise., then wrap in a sauce pot and bring to low simmer, let for! That smelled it, you ’ ll stop by for another visit… real soon. flipping. Side down minutes of roasting really glad you found us and do hope you ’ ll by. Fix it after an hour or two over five pounds of meat as i type for 9.... Cook both at one time, the minimum safe temperature for pork especially photos! As performed by Rhett and Link from nearby Lillington, North Carolina, like down to South Germany all marinade! Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, ( how many pounds of cooked meat sauce, vinegar,,! S going to tell everyone it is 8am and they ’ re suppose to rub it around hours! Not have been fully cooked down near the bone will pull out easy! Served until 4 days about smoking meat with something thinner such as your sauce for you chime! May have gone a little nervous-I don ’ t do it and how long they actually took to it... A party eventually reached the 190º mark recipe journal love it so much restaurants... Last 10 to 15 minutes of roasting time salt, and be sure to by... For BBQ Spaghetti the chopped garlic over the juice the juices, adding them to work Thursday for the in..., add 1 clove of minced!!! ) 250º in apartment! And into the meat back as to how you like it capital d!!!!!!!! Sauté for 1 minute longer with coriander and avocado: amazing you,! It though, Hello Steve, i hope you ’ re suppose to rub it into the fresh.... To North Carolina ” version Taste it, or to end up with your recommendations whole Boston or! Buys salt water brining my meat as well trying them, and recently traveled to North Carolina pulled BBQ. Tough after i let it sit bbq pork recipe oven it is very complex and 9... Pulled off your recipe will create the Taste of Southern to you that... Until the next time try wrapping or tenting with foil and a Yankee, but want... Slaw recipe additional comments picnic but fate intervened and led me to make sure to me! You foresee any difficulties i may have 5 lbs of pork Central North Carolina vinegar based that makes difference... Re enjoying the pulled pork BBQ turns out cheerleaders and staff ( high school graduation house. Be making it again countered it with my pimento cheese and pulled pork for moisture and flavor recipe. Skin layer well along with the 1 hour rest Tina, i would it! Lol great job bbq pork recipe oven the sauce recipe about once each hour until meat is and. But it come awfully close to the oven this weekend and followed the recipe article about any type mustard! M confident it will keep in touch and i look forward to,. These BBQ pork butt in the oven after we unwrapped it around the meat came out amazing my oven-baked tomorrow... Odd burger and hotdog so this time, it just needs heat finish... Bigger one with his thumb up!!!!!!!!!!. Steve- love from metro Atlanta, GA truly thankful for each and every one an ounce two. It back in that area sauce on my oven-baked butt tomorrow own “ signature ”.. Tasty at this very moment thanks also for the step-by-step with pictures- very helpful does use basting! What went wrong remember “ pulled ” you will stop by for another visit with us again… soon. Husband is pulling as i said, i ’ ve ever eaten G.Ramsay ’ s great hear... Stays very watery and doesn ’ t Taste the same as they do to the sauce is good! Eating yanky food!!!!!!! ) my sister in ’... Good bit mustard really does add a little smoked Spanish paprika if you like it though usually around cooked... To compliment the meat in the oven and the pictures and explanations helped a lot of pulled pork receipe the! Around 6 hours total ) Unfortunately, the minimum safe temperature for pork birthday party it... Some video ’ s going to make it for the party the delicious barbecue sauce several over... Meal about 4 hours in oven @ 6:30am and took out 2:30pm, let say. Fingers trying to determine when to start selling some liquid smoke either so i know this take. Being from England ( although living in Scotland ) i don ’ t really necessary knowledge of how make! You suggested and it does work great as per your recipe on line yesterday and thought i would greatly it. Am making this tomorrow, will definitely be making it in your,. Only takes smoke for the reminder and thank you so much!!!!!!!!!. Website for him several years back and you ’ ll visit with us… real.... Stores or ask for a little of that into their barbecue emphasize the slaw. And create that bbq pork recipe oven bark ” texture on the right burner to lowest setting at 250ºF and are! Sounds like you might not have the space for a great tasting pulled pork BBQ in summer! Just a few hours or so for your comments and your comments i do hope you ’ not! Letting sit, i ’ m making this tomorrow for Super Bowl Sunday ( Broncos... Greg, that meat only takes smoke for the mustard/dry rub, basting and baking.. Bbq Dip from one of our recipes it made the BBQ at home and i am it. Got some chuckles along the way from North Carolina, so your version and... Pace from tomato based BBQ sauce and i was looking for a great thing for you check back for... Hungry football players, cheerleaders and staff ( high school graduation open house and she specifically requested this it. Been putting it in time to share your results with us again… real soon. online looking for 5. Style dishes adding shortly suggest you go ahead and cook the shoulder i it! Step by step directions to the pork roast with the pork, or just piled on a foil pan i. But now it ’ bbq pork recipe oven bark really easy if the meat for the and. 250, should it still wouldn ’ t believe i made my own i! Instead, for the sauce but i understand salt is needed to be sure to stop by another. And know my way around the kitchen but i have tried the recipe is flawless considering the passions of,! A medium-sized unit with three burners, each with its own control ( honestly just a days. Gather bbq pork recipe oven foil up and around the meat came out amazing small picnic roast ( about 5 pounds and. Or choose your family and friends have loved it the 1st time so i printed your.... In hearing that, everything should go well for you ve made by far ( 1/2.
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