Water when the soil dries about one-half its depth. Feed monthly with a low nitrogen, high potassium fertiliser. overwatering the plants. Feeding the plant will come later. "We say 'bloom,' but that's actually a misnomer, because it's Will our transportation system support a post-COVID world. You don’t have to fertilize your poinsettia to keep it looking bright over the holidays. Getting Poinsettias to Bloom Again. This will increase the bushiness of the Keep watering and Keep an eye on the leaves for signs of overwatering, and err on the side of little and often when it comes to feeding. Keep it in a partially shaded location and maintain your watering and fertilizing schedule. When you see new growth, begin feeding your poinsettia with houseplant fertilizer diluted to half-strength every two weeks. new plant the next holiday season. Make sure to water the poinsettia whenever the surface of the soil feels dry. Watering and Feeding. In late March or early April cut your poinsettia back to about 8" in height. Poinsettia Care Calendar. During the holiday season, there are really only two things you need to worry about when it comes to poinsettia care. By signing up you agree to our privacy policy, Stand with us in our mission to discover and uncover the story of North Texas. If you let the pot sit in standing water for any length of Water when the soil is dry. horticulture industry say consumers don't mean to kill the plants. They also don't like drafts. Let’s learn about a very important aspect of that care: fertilizing poinsettias. If you are one of those gardeners who's determined to coax a Make sure to thoroughly soak it each time. Temperature: These plants prefer temperatures from 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and from 60 to 65 degrees at night. wrapper back on after you let the pot drain, he adds. says Dr. Scott Ludwig, AgriLife Extension integrated plant Texas AgriLife Extension experts who advise the region's But, once we're past freezing weather, you can keep your poinsettia in a pot outdoors, but be sure to protect it from the full sun, especially harsh afternoon light, The care and feeding of poinsettias November: Continue the above process until the last week of November. If this can't be provided a spot with good light is needed instead. If your home is dry during the winter months, a humidifier or plant mister can help your plant stay hydrated. Temperature: These plants prefer temperatures from 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and from 60 to 65 degrees at night. That could indicate irreversible root rot. Leaves and bracts will drop in either case. Poinsettia plants perform best in temperatures that range from 65 to 80 degrees fahrenheit. I was surprised and delighted to discover a new resource for Poinsettia care that includes details of various plant diseases the Poinsettia is prey to. Watch: New Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia speaks during virtual press conference, Ted Cruz defends effort to secure pandemic relief for oil and gas companies, including one run by major donors, Greg Abbott, Donald Trump, Beto O’Rourke: Six political questions for 2021, Trump signs massive measure funding government, COVID relief, Dallas’ most heart-breaking restaurant closures in 2020, Mexican singer, composer Armando Manzanero dies at 85, Meteorologists eyeing potential for rain-snow mix in Dallas-Fort Worth this week, Looking to 2021 with 4 North Texans whose common sense and grace inspired me in this wheels-off year, Dallas County reports 3-day total of 6,144 new coronavirus cases, 11 deaths, What you need to know about coronavirus, plus a map of every case in Texas, Why Dallas smells like cookies, and other lessons from an indefatigable pedestrian, The year that was — and wasn’t — in Dallas arts and culture, Texas Theatre is streaming the wonderful films of Wong Kar Wai, A holiday gift: Watch this Orpheus Chamber Singers Christmas concert online for free, ‘To Be Determined’ at the Dallas Museum of Art explores hope and resilience in these troubled times, Nuevo paquete de estímulo incluye cheques de $600, ayuda para pagar la renta y amplía pagos por desempleo, The backstory of how and why Josh Richardson was traded to Mavericks: ‘He’s as happy as I’ve ever seen him’, Dallas hotel operator Ashford Hospitality gets $200 million lifeline to ‘navigate the pandemic’, Fort Worth pastor who urged ‘faith over fear’ in the pandemic mourns parents who died of COVID complications.
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